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New tyre labels mandatory in the EU: what’s in it for you?

Since 2012, new car tyres sold in the European Union are required to have a tyre label. This informs consumers about fuel consumption, wet performance and noise. However, as of May 1, 2021, the European tyre label has changed. Find out everything you need to know, because also at MG, we know that tyre performance is essential to optimize your driving experience.

The renewed tyre label is the result of a new European regulation. With the updated and simplified label, the EU wants consumers to be better informed and to make it easier to compare tyres, in order to make a better choice. The more drivers opt for a more economical, quieter and safer tyre, the better it is for the environment, liveability and road safety.

What’s on the label?

The label focuses on the three most important properties of a car tyre: the rolling resistance which affects the car’s energy consumption, the performance on wet road surface and the noise it makes.

For the first two properties, the tyre’s performance is indicated by the letters A, B, C, D or E, ranging from good to bad. The tyre noise production is indicated by a score of A, B or C, including the number of decibels at a speed of 80 km/h. This way, you can easily see at a glance how the car tyre performs on these three issues.

Also new are the two pictograms that indicate whether the tyre is officially qualified as a winter tyre with snow grip (snowflake symbol) according to the latest EU type-approval standards, and/or as a winter tyre with ice grip (symbol of a mountain) according to the latest ISO standard.

QR code

Furthermore, the new tyre label has a QR code as standard. By scanning that code with your smartphone, you will be directly linked to the central European EPREL database with all product information about the tyres. EPREL stands for European Product Registry for Energy Labeling. In addition, all product information and tyre labels are compulsorily available as “open data” for comparison purposes.

The new tyre label is mandatory for all new car tyres offered within the European Union from 1 May 2021. Tyres from before 1 May 2021 that are still in stock can still be sold with the old label. Finally, the selling party is obliged to share all relevant information about the tyre with the consumer in advance, for example via the website or in advertisements.

High quality tyres

At MG, on every aspect, we always try to cooperate with the best partners in the industry, whether it’s about battery technology, the dealer network or other aspects. This also counts for the tyres which are mounted on all new MG models.

For example, all models in Luxury specification have Michelin tyres as standard, while the Comfort versions come from the factory on Bridgestone or Maxxis tyres. Regardless of the tyre manufacturer, at MG you can always count on tyres that meet the highest standards and are at the forefront of performance, safety, durability, efficiency and comfort in their class. The corresponding tyre labels underline this.

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