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MG shows sporting aspirations with spectacular MG Cyberster

What would it be like if MG bridged the past and the present? In the form of a sports car with a nod to the MGB Roadster of yesteryear? With the MG Cyberster concept car, which will be presented at the Shanghai Motor Show, MG is exploring the possibilities of a future sports car.

In 2024, it’s exactly hundred years ago when the iconic British car brand MG (Morris Garages) was founded. The upcoming anniversary is a great opportunity to dream of a connection between the old and the renewed MG brand, with a car with sporty aspirations.

MG Cyberster with dynamic appearance

The front face inherits the classic round MG headlight, coupled with a slim grille design. The ‘magic eye’ interactive headlights are layered independently from the grille. Along with the eye-catching front shovel lower lip, it combines a unique front face with a better aerodynamic performance.

Other striking detail of the MG Cyberster is the ‘laser belt’ LED strip on the side. Also, the outline of the door follows the direction of the LED strip like an arrow. The two-stage shoulder line enhances its dynamic stance and highlights the strong mass of the front and rear wheels, creating a lower and robust body posture.

At the rear, the MG Cyberster uses a so-called Kammback styling. The fast flattened tail can improve the rear spoiler and bring better aerodynamic performance. The through-type LED taillight design outlines the Kammback shape, while the arrow-like turn signals lead the trend of flat and digital design.

The spectacular MG Cyberster deeply integrates mechanical performance and smart technology. The concept sports car has an intelligent all-electric architecture, enabling a range of 800 kilometres and an acceleration from 0-100 km/h within three seconds. Is also comes with 5G interconnection capabilities to create unlimited possibilities for future mobility world.

Are you as curious about the MG Cyberster as we are? More information will follow when the model is shown at the Shanghai Motor Show (April 21-28, 2021).

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