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MG DNA explained: who is the MG customer?

When MG Motor Europe started its sales operations late 2019, it entered mainland Europe with a clear mission: making electric mobility accessible to the many. That is of course a fairly broad understanding. Therefore, we’ll go into more detail about the intended target group of MG.

“When we relaunched the British MG brand under the banner of our parent company SAIC Motor, we made a promise to European drivers: making electric mobility accessible to drivers who are young at heart and ready to embrace a new electric lifestyle. Our main focus is to offer smart, practical, safe and technologically advanced cars”, as Matt Lei, CEO at MG Motor Europe recently emphasized during the online presentation of the new MG Marvel R Electric, a high-end SUV, and the MG5 Electric, the worlds first all-electric station wagon.

MG’s carefully mapped out and well thought-out strategy did not come out of the blue, of course. European motorists are critical and conscious. They have a keen eye for the environment, but they are also very pragmatic. Therefore, they desire a practical car with a solid quality and a high level of safety, but with a fair price. And European motorists want to go ‘green’ as well, but certainly without any range anxiety.

New electric lifestyle

MG is solely committed to making electric mobility accessible to motorists that are young at heart. Young at heart motorists have an intrinsic motivation to change the world around them and are ready to embrace a new electric lifestyle. MG is obviously the brand that matches this.

MG is also the responsible choice for corporate consumers, offering green vehicles for a low total cost of ownership. Thanks to the unsurpassed combination of excellent features and smart pricing, the MG ZS EV for example, has quickly entered the top-5 of best-selling electric cars in several European countries. There is also a striking amount of interest from private individuals. In other words, people who buy a car with their own money and therefore make a very well-considered choice.

The same goes for the MG EHS plug-in Hybrid. This slightly larger SUV uses pioneering plug-in hybrid technology that combines low consumption and emission levels with optimal driving pleasure. The plug-in hybrid SUV facilitates sustainable driving without having to worry too much about the range.

Exciting new models

Later this year, the MG range will be further expanded with two new, promising electric vehicles. Starting with the MG Marvel R Electric. This all-electric high-end SUV responds more to the wishes of motorists who place higher demands on appearance, luxury and technology.

The other one is the MG5 Electric: the first 100% electric station wagon in the world! The MG5 Electric will appeal to more practical motorists. Is has the functional character of a estate car and a generous luggage compartment.

With an attractive range of electrified vehicles in different segments, with different features and for different target groups, and all of which meet the above characteristics, MG is truly making electric mobility accessible to the many.

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