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“Hello MG”: control your infotainment system with voice commands

Infotainment systems in passenger cars have made huge technological strides in recent years. Less than fifteen years ago, a USB connection in a car was still very unusual. Today, more and more cars are equipped with advanced connectivity systems with large touchscreens and an extensive range of (online) functions and services that can even be operated using voice commands. This also applies to MG, which makes advanced infotainment accessible to the general public. Find out what voice control on the MG iSMART connectivity system is all about.

MG iSMART is a newly developed connectivity system which is available for the MG Marvel R Electric and renewed MG ZS EV. Whether it’s the many features that make everyday life more pleasant, the seamless connection with your smartphone or endless audio streaming. Or the connection with an app to control vehicle functions remotely and over-the-air updates so you always have the latest software and navigation maps installed… MG iSMART is impressive in many ways.

One of the functions we like to highlight is voice control. With the exception of the MG iSMART Lite version – which you’ll find in the MG ZS EV Comfort and MG5 Electric and doesn’t offer voice control – the iSMART system in the MG Marvel R Electric and MG ZS EV Luxury is easy to operate using voice commands.

An infotainment system with a lot of features offers many advantages, but it leads to an increasingly larger menu. Despite the fact that MG iSMART is very ergonomically designed, well-arranged and easy to use, you may not be able to find a function immediately. Searching for something while driving is distracting and can lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, voice control is the perfect solution. You can keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel.

How does it work?

Voice control can be activated in two ways: via the button on the right of the steering wheel or by simply saying “Hello MG”. The system responds with an acoustic signal or literally answers a voice command. For example: “Hello, how can I help.”

The voice control function of the MG iSMART system recognizes more than a hundred voice commands. You can operate the navigation system, adjust the temperature of the climate control, play your favourite music, adjust the volume, choose a radio station, call a contact in your phone book and so on. You can even open or close the sunroof. And all that without sticking out a finger.

Natural understanding

Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, MG iSMART understands and continuously learns the needs and preferences of drivers and passengers over time. It provides an increasingly personalized and connected experience. Natural language understanding allows drivers to interact with their MG naturally, while speech signal enhancement removes noise from the microphone input to clearly identify who in the car is talking.

Operating the MG iSMART system with voice control is faster, easier and safer. You don’t have to manually scroll through menus, and you don’t have to type anything to enter a navigation destination or whatsoever. This has a direct positive effect on road safety, personal comfort and the overall driving experience in the car.

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