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5 main differences previous vs. new MG ZS EV

We already gave a preview during the MG Autumn Event – Charge Forward at the beginning of October. Full details were released at the beginning of this month. Now it’s time to zoom in on the main differences between the MG ZS EV introduced in 2019 and the thoroughly renewed version which is now on display in the European showrooms.

With the launch of the MG ZS EV in October 2019, the brand immediately disrupted the EV market. The ZS EV is the first 100% electric SUV that is truly affordable to the general public, while meeting all needs in terms of functionality, safety, equipment and performance.

The engineers had a major task in preserving the rock-solid characteristics while making a number of substantial improvements to take the appeal of the MG ZS EV to even greater heights.

1. Larger battery, more range

Perhaps the most important novelty is the battery. MG offers the renewed ZS EV with a choice of two battery variants: the Long Range version (LR) with a 70 kWh battery and the Standard Range (SR) with a 50.3 kWh battery which will enter the market at a later stage.

With a WLTP range of 440 km and 320 km respectively for the LR and SR, both battery variants offer more range than the previous ZS EV with a 44.5 kWh battery and a range of 263 km.

2. Improved charging capability

Daily life with the new MG ZS EV is also more pleasant due to its improved charging capability. Firstly, both battery variants are suitable for (ultra) fast-charging (DC) with a maximum of 92 kW, compared to 76 kW with the previous model. The charging time to 80% has remained quite the same at 30-40 minutes, but more important: you can top up more energy per minute with the renewed MG ZS EV and therefore gain more driving range in a certain time.

Furthermore, the Long Range version is equipped with an 11 kW 3-phase on-board charger as standard. This means you can charge with a maximum of 11 kW at a public charging point with alternating current (AC) if the charging point can deliver such power. But here is the thing: since more than 60% of all public AC chargers in Europe have a grid connection of 11-22 kW, you can charge almost twice as fast at these charging points compared to the previous ZS EV with a 6.6 kW on-board charger.

However, keep in mind that the battery capacity of the Long Range version is also 1.57 times more compared to the previous ZS EV. So charging from 0-100% does not immediately go twice as fast, but like DC-charging, you can gain more driving range in a certain time.

3. Interior and exterior design

Thirdly, as you’ve probably already seen, the design of the MG ZS EV has also been tackled. No drastic changes, but a new front with no grille, new LED headlights and an improved charging port. At the rear, the newly designed LED taillights provide a more high-tech look and extra recognition in the dark.

Inside the car the designers went a step further. In the modernized interior, the redesigned dashboard immediately catches the eye. It’s characterized by a carbon-look finish, attractive contrasting stitching and two new displays: the central 10.1-inch touchscreen to operate the MG iSMART infotainment system and the all-digital 7-inch instrument panel that displays a variety of information.

4. MG iSMART infotainment

We already mentioned it: MG iSMART. This new infotainment system is standard for the new MG ZS EV and comes in two variants. In the Comfort version, the iSMART system is equipped with navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connection, five USB ports and DAB+ digital radio.

In the Luxury version, MG iSMART offers several additional functions, such as real-time traffic navigation, calendar synchronization, voice control, weather forecast, Amazon Prime streaming music and firmwire over-the-air (FOTA) updates.

In addition, for both the Comfort and Luxury versions, the iSMART system connects to a smartphone app which allows various functions to be controlled remotely.

5. Vehicle-to-Load

Another striking feature of the renewed MG ZS EV is the Vehicle-to-Load system (V2L). This allows the battery to supply energy to an external electrical system with a capacity of up to 2,500W.

V2L, which is also standard for the MG Marvel R Electric, uses a charging cable with a type-2 plug that fits into the car’s charging socket on one end and a household socket on the other. With this, you can power all kinds of electrical stuff, such as an air pump, kettle, cool box, e-bike, laptop, electric scooter and so on. You can even charge another electric car if needed.

Not all has changed…

In any case, one significant aspect of the MG ZS EV hasn’t changed, and that is its particularly competitive pricing.

Want to know more about all the other novelties of the MG ZS EV? Such as the more powerful engines, the improved performance, the ease of use and the extensive standard equipment? Find out all details including local pricing of the new MG ZS EV here.

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