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This MG model has a ‘frunk’, but what is it really?

You hear it more often now the world of electric driving is really breaking loose: a frunk. Many electric cars have it, including the new MG Marvel R Electric. But what is it and what’s in it for you?

Under the skin, an electric car is much different from a car with a conventional combustion engine. The drive system of an electric car contains fewer (rotating) components, it is much less complicated, and an electric motor is smaller than a combustion engine with comparable performance.

This offers electric car designers more options. For example, it’s a lot easier to develop a car with rear-wheel drive. An electric motor can be mounted in a compact way under the floor of the luggage compartment. A gear box and a drive shaft are unnecessary. An electric motor is only connected to the wheels and the battery to be supplied with power.

If this configuration is chosen for an electric car with a traditional design, then you suddenly have extra space under the bonnet, because there is no engine underneath. This is exactly the case with the 2WD version of the new MG Marvel R Electric. For maximum practicality, this space under the bonnet is used as an extra luggage compartment. Or a ‘front trunk’. Yes indeed: the luggage compartment under the bonnet is called a frunk, created as a contraction of the words ‘trunk’ and ‘front’.

Maximum practicality

In the 2WD version of the MG Marvel R Electric, the frunk offers a volume of 150 litres. That’s more than enough for a holiday bag, or storage for things you rarely use and don’t want to leave lying around in the back.

Add the volume of the frunk to the volume of the rear luggage compartment, and you have no less than 507 litres of usable storage at your disposal. At the same time, the interior offers five generous seats, while the MG Marvel R Electric is relatively easy to manoeuvre in the increasingly crowded city traffic with its modest length of 4,674 mm. A combination that many car buyers highly appreciate.

Another interesting feature of the MG Marvel R Electric is the bonnet which can be opened remotely with the key. At a push of the button, it opens without additional locking. So you can immediately push the bonnet up with one hand, which is convenient when you’re carrying something in your other hand. The MG Marvel R Electric is also offered with all-wheel drive. This version does have an electric motor at the front under the hood and therefore offers no frunk.

Want to know more? Read all about the new Marvel R Electric, MG’s new flagship SUV for the C-segment, including European pricing here.

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