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The ultimate test: driving an electric car from Wales to Qatar

Concerns about the availability of charging points and sufficient range still prevent some drivers from switching to an electric car. But are those concerns justified? To prove that electric cars aren’t just less harmful to our environments, but are also viable alternatives to petrol and diesel cars, even in the most challenging circumstances, a team of Welsh football fans have set off for an epic road trip to… Qatar. In a MG4 Electric!

Yes, you read that right. Four men who left the city of Cardiff in Wales in an all-electric MG4 Electric are on their way to Qatar. An epic journey of approximately 8,000 kilometres through 19 countries, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and North Macedonia, before they reach Greece. They then take the ferry to Israel, after which the journey continues to arrive in Qatar via Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The goal is to arrive at their final destination on November 18th.


Why on earth would you drive an electric car from Wales to Qatar, is what you would probably think right now. According to the adventurous Welshmen – Scott Young, Nick Smith, Huw Talfryn Walters and Walter Pennell – this trip is the ideal opportunity to support the Wales national football team in their first World Cup in 64 years, while at the same time raising awareness of sustainable issues.

During their journey, they will debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding electric cars. They are passionate about the positive change that electric cars can bring about. EVs are an important part of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the air quality of our cities.

As official vehicle partner of the Football Association of Wales, MG obviously supports the ‘Electric Car to Qatar’ journey, without being involved as a sponsor of this and Qatar related events.

Morris: the perfect companion

The car chosen for the special trip to Qatar is an MG4 Electric with the appropriate nickname ‘Morris’. It is an all-new MG4 Electric Long Range and one of the first of the all-new MG4 Electric to be delivered to the UK recently.

Important note: Morris is totally original and unmodified. Only all-weather tyres have been fitted to be optimally prepared for the roads and conditions during the 8,000-kilometer ride over dangerous mountain passes and challenging desert terrains.

Morris is equipped with the thinnest battery in its class, with a capacity of 64 kWh. This enables the MG4 Electric to offer a range of up to 450 km (WLTP). In addition to the excellent range and appealing performance thanks to the 150 kW (204 ps) electric motor, the battery of the MG4 Electric can also be charged quickly.

Due to its 11 kW 3-phase on-board charger, the battery can be charged at a public AC charging point (alternating current) within six hours and in less than 9 hours from a standard home charger. The battery is also equipped for DC ultra-fast charging up to 135 kW, with which the battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in just 35 minutes.

The favourable charging speeds of the MG4 Electric obviously make the trip to Qatar more convenient. Still, along the way, the team must meticulously plan their route. They also carry specialist equipment for every charging socket along the way, just in case.

New model with new technology

The MG4 Electric is the first in a series of MG models based on parent company SAIC Motor’s new intelligent MSP (Modular Scalable Platform). It offers impressively compact dimensions in combination with an exceptional design, excellent handling, high efficiency, innovative drive systems and optimum ease of use. With the new MG4 Electric, the brand is entering the important C-segment in Europe with a choice of three versions.

The entry-level model is the MG4 Electric Standard with a battery capacity of 51 kWh, up to 350 kilometre range in the WLTP cycle and a rear electric motor delivering 125 kW (170 ps). Prices for this version start from € 28,990*.

The MG4 Electric Comfort and the MG4 Electric Luxury each boast a 64 kWh battery and a 150 kW (204 ps) electric motor. This means the Comfort version offers an impressive range of up to 450 kilometres. The Luxury offers a range of up to 435 kilometres.

Together with the generous standard equipment, lots of technology, excellent build quality and appealing driving characteristics for an entry-level price under € 30,000, the MG4 Electric is the epitome of how affordable and hassle-free an all-round usable electric car can be.

Curious about how this unique and challenging trip to Qatar is going? Follow Electric Car to Qatar on and on social media under the hashtag #ElectricCarToQatar.

* Based on MSRP price in France. The price may differ from countries.

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