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MG Spirit Reborn: Innovate forever in inheritance


Not long ago, MG Advanced Design Studio located in London, collaborated with British artist Jonny Ambrose to design an art sculpture named “Spirit Reborn”, which not only marks the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of London Advanced Design Studio, but also celebrates the 60th anniversary of the classic sports car MGB. Artist Jonny Ambrose enjoys a high reputation in the British creative industry. His works are good at combining digital technology and using modern, unique and eye-catching aesthetic concepts to express different styles of sculpture. The piece focuses on new elements and abstract forms while retaining the essence of the original car.

A marque since 1924

Founded in 1924 in Oxford, the United Kingdom, MG has maintained the sporting ethos of bringing joy to a mass of people throughout its nearly century-long history, constantly making technical breakthroughs and setting 43 racing world speed records. It had so many classic models in brand history that the MGB is one of the most iconic representative sports cars.

Who studies the past knows the future

The art sculpture “Spirit Reborn” is made out of 2 design themes that represent both MG’s past and the future, and is designed to mimic the transformation from the 1960s to the digital age in the twenty-first century.

Its “Spirit” side fully reproduces the classic MGB of the 60s, maintaining its proportions but accentuating key design elements such as the round headlights and cigar-shaped bodywork. The “Reborn” side uses a more abstract flowing form and uses the same frame section expressions to make it look full of changes and have a sense of the future. It represents the auto design skills of the 21st century. The triangular cross-sectional structure is applied to reflect the concept of “digitalization”.

You are right; the body lines on the “Reborn” part are from the MG Cyberster pure electric concept coupe debuted at the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show. The translucent neon-colored acrylic panels run all the way to the rear of the car, creating a cool sense of speed. The artwork consists of strips of carbon fibers and oak strips that contain Richlite – a ground-breaking, environmentally friendly composition made up of compressed paper-and resin, which can be conveniently chopped up and processed in many ways, and, as part of MG brand’s ongoing vision to be sustainably green, can be recycled.

“Spirit Reborn” combines the profound MG brand tradition with fashion technology, and is the brand’s best interpretation of “inheriting the classics and looking forward to the future”. Europe has confirmed it will ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. The new law,  which was pushed through last year, will apply to 27 EU member countries, sends a clear message to automakers that they must shift to all-electric vehicles.

A hundred-year-young brand ready for the electric era

MG has clearly set its sights on the EV era, launching five new energy vehicles across Europe to cater to a diverse range of different consumers. In addition to the MG4 Pure Electric Hatchback, which was launched last September, there are also options including MG 5 Electric Station Wagon, MG ZS EV, MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid and MG Marvel R Electric. According to a study by Schmid Matthias, a European automotive analyst, in 2022, MG’s sales of new energy vehicles account for more than 60% of its total in Europe, a position that moves it into third place in line behind TESLA and VOLVO/Geely.

And so we expect that in the very near future, the electric two-seater convertible “Cyberster” hidden in the “Spirit Reborn” sculpture will be available on the purchasing list, and with a powerful electric pleasure to burst out the brand’s new vitality.

MG, a hundred-year-young brand is ready for the electric era.

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