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MG MAZE concept car revealed: creates a smile for urban mobility

Say hi to the new MG MAZE. This striking concept car shows how urban mobility can be made even more enjoyable in the future. The MG MAZE was designed by the team of SAIC Design Advanced London on the occasion of the third anniversary of the UK-based design studio.


Bold and brave concept

The MG MAZE is designed to bring a new mobility experience to the next generation in recognition of three key principles: ‘play is important’, ‘discovery is important’ and ‘adventure is important’. The compact futuristic concept car conveys a real gaming experience through its open cockpit layout which offers a full panoramic view of the environment. The full polycarbonate shell canopy opens vertically, allowing occupants to jump in through the front into the far-reaching seats.

Users ride along using their phones as the access and control points for the car. A sophisticated User Interface overlays images and digital content with the occupant’s perspective. The MG MAZE is an attempt to engage and create a smile for urban mobility. Playful and agile, the concept seeks to provide a truly engaging experience of mobility, across all ages, cultures and interests.

SAIC Design Advanced London

SAIC Design Advanced London was established in September 2018. It’s located in Marylebone in the center of London and one of the most important parts of SAIC Design. It mainly conducts comprehensive forward-looking design exploration from two aspects. Besides cutting-edge design concepts and innovative workflows, it provides more international and globally competitive design and product concepts as well.

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