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MG Marvel R Electric AWD vs. RWD: what are the differences?

MG’s clear mission is to make electric mobility accessible to drivers who are young at heart and ready to embrace a new electric lifestyle. Offering smart, practical, safe and technologically advanced cars in different segment for different needs. This also applies to the new MG Marvel R Electric, which is available with a choice of AWD and RWD. Apart from the drive, there are more differences between these two variants. Find out what to expect.

Let’s start with the most powerful version of the new MG Marvel R Electric, the one with AWD (all-wheel drive). In this case, customers benefit from a Tri-Motor drivetrain with not one or two, but three electric motors. With this drivetrain, two electric motors are mounted on the rear axle, and one on the front. Together, the three motors deliver a peak power of 212 kW (288 ps) and an impressive 665 Nm of torque.

You can imagine that the MG Marvel R Electric AWD offers very appealing performance. Such as an powerful acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Also thanks to the four-wheel drive, the spacious, luxurious lifestyle SUV ensures optimum grip in all conditions.

MG Marvel R Electric RWD

The other variant is the MG Marvel R Electric RWD (rear wheel drive). Unlike the AWD version, this one doesn’t have an electric motor on the front axle. The two electric motors at the rear deliver a maximum power of 132 kW (180 ps) and an equally appealing maximum torque of 410 Nm. The RWD version accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

The lack of a front engine offers several advantages. In the first place, it reduces weight on the front axle, making the car more responsive to steering movements for those who prefer a more dynamic driving behaviour. Secondly: the RWD version is even more practical with 150 litres of extra luggage space under the hood, also known as a frunk.

Range, charging and towing

It will come as no surprise that the difference in the number of engines and vehicle weight also affects the range of the MG Marvel R Electric. Both versions have a 70 kWh battery, resulting in a range of 370 km for the AWD version and 402 km for the RWD version. In addition, both versions come with an innovative V2L-system as standard.

Also the same for both versions is the quick charging capability at a public charging point (AC) due to the 11 kW on-board 3-phase charger. The MG Marvel R Electric is also suitable for fast-charging (DC) to fill up the battery to 80% in around 40 minutes. Meanwhile, the climate control with an internal heat pump guarantees impressive efficiency levels at low temperatures.

Furthermore, the maximum towing weight of the MG Marvel R Electric is 750 kg. The car is therefore suitable for towing a small trailer or two e-bikes on a special bicycle carrier.

The all-new all-electric MG Marvel R Electric is expected to arrive at the European MG Brand stores this autumn and is already available for pre-orders. In addition to the choice of two drive variants, the SUV is also available with a choice of three luxury trims (Comfort, Luxury and Performance).

Want to know more? Discover the new MG Marvel R Electric here.

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