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MG iSMART smartphone app: why it’s a must-have

The MG Marvel R Electric, as well as the MG ZS EV and MG5 Electric come standard with the advanced connectivity system MG iSMART. This system is impressive in several ways. Not only in terms of operation, ergonomics and the amount of (online) functions, also the link with the iSMART smartphone app is very convenient and useful. Find out what you can do with the app.

The MG iSMART smartphone app is an absolute must-have for all drivers of the MG Marvel R Electric, (renewed) MG ZS EV and new MG5 Electric (to be launched in Q1 2022). With this app you can remotely control various functions of your car, wherever you are at that moment. You can also check all kinds of information about the car in the app, quickly and easily, just from your lazy chair.

Pre-heating or pre-cooling

Let’s start with the functions you can control remotely with the app. One of the great features is that you can already switch on the air conditioning or heater in the car with the app. Then the car can already be warmed up on an icy morning, or you can cool the interior if the car has been in the blazing sun all day.

In addition to being immediately comfortable in the car when you get in, this feature can also maximize your range. If you enable this function with the app when the car is connected to a charging station, it will not affect your driving range. Heating or cooling obviously costs energy, which would otherwise be at the expense of your driving range.

Schedule charging session

You can also use the app to set the times between which you want to charge the car. This allows you to take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours, for example. If you have plugged in the charging cable, you don’t have to start charging immediately. You can determine that yourself with the app.

Doors locked?

Everyone has once experienced it: that you suddenly have doubts whether you have locked the car. With the MG iSMART app you don’t have to worry about anything, because with a simple action you can lock or unlock the doors with your smartphone. Anywhere at any time.

Route planner (not for iSmart Lite)

If you are already checking in the navigation app on your smartphone where you need to go and which route is best – when you are still at home or elsewhere – you can send that route directly to the navigation system of the car. Then you don’t have to re-enter your destination in the car, so you can leave immediately. However, this function isn’t available for the MG iSMART Lite version, which is installed in the car depending on the MG model and trim level.

Find my car

The MG iSMART app also offers a variety of information about the car that you can quickly and easily view in the app. Such as the location of the car, if you don’t remember exactly where you left it in a large, overcrowded parking garage. In the app you can see your own location and that of the car and you will be navigated directly. To help locate your car, the app even lets you turn on the lights ore operate the horn!

Charging status

Furthermore, in the app, you can check exactly how much energy is in the battery, also during charging, and how many kilometres you can drive with this. This way you don’t have to leave the house to find out whether the battery is sufficiently charged. It even indicates the exact time when the battery is fully charged, to make it even more helpful.


Would you like to contact MG Road Assistance or an MG Brand Store? Then you don’t have to search for the contact details. With a few finger movements you have all the information on your screen, and you can immediately press the button to contact by phone.


Finally, you can set in the app whether you want to receive notifications on your smartphone about all kinds of things. You can also receive a push notification as a kind of car alarm if something is not right or abnormal status occurs.

Download the app

MG iSMART smartphone app is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android phones or from the App Store for Apple devices. After installation, all you need to do is create an account and sync your car.


Do you want to know more or get an idea of the MG iSMART app? Check out the video below.

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