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Impressive MG iSMART connectivity system offers a whole new experience

The new MG Marvel R Electric is the first model to be equipped with the MG iSMART connectivity system. This newly developed system is impressive in every way: the touchscreen, the many pleasant features, the ergonomic operation and the connection with a smartphone app. Read all about MG iSMART here.

In the new MG Marvel R Electric, the MG iSMART system is controlled via a 19.4” floating touchscreen display. The size and design of the screen is not only impressive, it also determines a large part of the high-tech atmosphere on board the new MG Marvel R Electric.

Wide range of functions

The comprehensive MG iSMART system offers an extensive range of functions. In addition to DAB+, Bluetooth, USB portals, a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile devices to the internet and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the system also offers several online features. Such as real-time traffic navigation, parking lot search, MG touchpoint search, weather forecast and streaming audio via Amazon Music.

Thanks to voice control, the system can be operated very easily and hands-free. Moreover, with the powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services and over-the-air-update, the MG iSMART system is always up to date.


MG iSMART system also connects with a smartphone app, with which various functions can be controlled remotely. With the app, vehicle owners have access to a series of convenient remote functions, such as Remote Control, Find My Vehicle, Status Checking, Vehicle Statistics and Health Scan, Route Planning, Calendar Synchronizing, Charging Management and MG Touchpoint.

More models to come

The new MG Marvel R Electric is the first MG model in Europe to be equipped with the MG iSMART system. But it doesn’t stop there. This advanced connectivity system will also find its way to other models in the European range, including the new MG5 Electric, the world’s first all-electric station wagon, which will hit showrooms before the end of this year.

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