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5 reasons why the MG5 Electric makes life more enjoyable

MG’s fourth model is now available and on display at the MG Brandstores in Europe. And it’s a special one: the new MG5 Electric is the very first, all-electric station wagon in the world! A unique car that offers everything you would expect from a practical family car in its class. Here are five reasons why the MG5 Electric makes life more enjoyable.


1. Spacious and practical

As the world’s first all-electric station wagon, the new MG5 Electric has a unique position in the European car market. It’s a thoroughbred C-segment station wagon, exactly the type of car that is so loved in Europe. Just look at all cars driving on the road.

The model is 4.60 meters long, 1.82 meters wide and 1.54 meters high. This means the MG5 Electric is not overly large, making it difficult to park in our increasingly crowded cities. But inside, it offers plenty of space for the whole family, both for head and legs. Partly thanks to the lack of a centre tunnel, there is also extra space for your feet.

At the same time, the MG5 Electric offers a lot of practicality. When you open the boot lid, you have 479 litres of cargo space at your disposal, with a relatively low sill threshold (handy for the dog!) and a height-adjustable loading floor. If you remove the roller cover and fold down the backrest of the rear seat in two parts (60/40), you can even take 1,367 litres of luggage with you. As befits a practical family station, there are also 27 additional storage compartments throughout the interior.

2. Reassuring range and fast charging

In addition to the practical interior with plenty of seating and luggage space, the MG5 Electric also offers a comfortable and stress-free driving experience. The station wagon is available with a choice of two battery variants – Standard Range and Long Range – with 320 and 400 kilometres range (WLTP) respectively. MG thus offers two variants that meet the needs and requirements of a broadly diverse target group in Europe.

If you do need to charge along the way to reach your destination or if you want to quickly continue your journey for whatever reason, the MG5 Electric offers short charging times as well. Both battery variants are equipped with a 3-phase on-board charger as standard, which can be used to charge up to 11 kW at a public charging point (AC). All versions are also suitable for fast charging (DC) up to 87 kW, with which the battery can be charged from 5-80% in approximately 40 minutes.

3. Appealing performance

Electric driving isn’t just better for the environment because of the lack of emissions while driving. And friendly for your wallet because of the low electricity costs compared to fuel. And very comfortable to drive because of its whisper-quiet electric motor.

An EV is also very pleasant to drive. This is because an electric motor delivers a lot of torque immediately from a standstill and reacts to the accelerator pedal without delay. Accelerating from the traffic light is always a party in an electric car. This also counts for the MG5 Electric, especially when you activate the Sport mode via the button on the centre console. In this driving mode, the electric motor is even more responsive while the steering wheel feels heavier for a more involved driving experience.

In the Standard Range, the electric motor offers 130 kW (177 ps) peak power and 280 Nm of torque. In the Long Range, the electric motor offers 115 kW (156 ps) and 280 Nm. Both versions accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds, which in practice feels much faster because of that abrupt thrust. Both versions also have a top speed of 185 km/h, which is remarkably high for an EV in this class.

4. Modern infotainment including smartphone app

Life with an MG5 Electric is also pleasant because of its MG iSMART Lite infotainment system, which is standard. This newly developed system is easy to operate via the 10.25” touchscreen. The slim and beautifully finished display is also easy to read and responds adequately to finger movements. MG iSMART Lite offers all kinds of functions that should not be missing in 2022. It includes navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, four USB ports and DAB + digital radio.

MG iSMART also connects with a smartphone app. With this you can, for example, check the charging status of the battery, schedule a charging session or check where the car is parked. You can even turn on the air conditioning or heating in the car from the comfort of your home. In addition to being immediately comfortable in the car when you get in, this feature can also maximize your range. If you enable this function with the app when the car is connected to a charging station, it will not affect your driving range. Heating or cooling obviously costs energy, which would otherwise be at the expense of your driving range.

5. Suitable as a holiday car

One of the main features of the MG5 Electric is that it doesn’t just look like a practical family station wagon. It’s made to be used in this way in everyday life and even during the holidays. In addition to its generous cargo space, the MG5 Electric also offers a maximum towing weight of 500 kg and a maximum trailer nose weight of 50 kg. Therefore, this EV is suitable for a small folding trailer or a sturdy bicycle carrier for two e-bikes. The roof of the MG5 Electric can also support 75 kg, so you can also mount a large roof box to take extra luggage with you on holiday.

Finally, the MG5 Electric offers a Vehicle-to-Load system (V2L) as standard. This allows the battery to supply energy to an external electrical device. It works like an extension cord with three sockets that you simply plug into the charging socket of the car. Then you can power all kinds of electrical devices. Such as an air pump, kettle, cooling box, e-bike, laptop, electric scooter and so on. How great is this when you’re on a holiday and don’t have a power outlet available right away? It’s another example of why the new MG5 Electric makes life more pleasant. And why this thoroughbred family car is perfectly suitable as a holiday car as well.

Want to know more about the new MG5 Electric? Find out all you need to know and specify your favourite model yourself in our car configurator.

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