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  • IM whole product line to be exhibited at Geneva alongside the All-New MG3
  • INTELLIGENT MOBILITY brand introduced
  • MG IM to deliver technologically advanced and premium EVs
  • IM L6 to make global debut

Alongside the world premiere of the all new MG3 Hybrid, there will be another global debut at the 2024 Geneva show from IM.

IM stands for Intelligent Mobility: it is the new intelligent BEV brand from MG’s parent company and will explore new possibilities to deliver an exciting driving experience.

The IM L6 saloon will be unveiled for the first time: it is a premium and pure electric saloon offering leading-edge levels of technology.

When IM launches in Europe in 2025 it will operate in the premium sector with a clear focus on executive saloons and larger SUVs.

IM models will also be defined by a clear commitment to the use of advanced technology in driving assistance and controls, intelligent and connected services for drivers as well as leading-edge EV powertrains.

The new and all-electric IM L6 is poised to combine breathtaking performance, accelerating to 0-100 km/h in under 3 seconds, while also delivering an exceptional range of more than 600 kilometres and 800 kilometres in two different specs. *

The all new MG3 Hybrid and IM L6 will be revealed at the Geneva Show at 10:30 CET, Monday 26 February. MG Stand Number 4251, Hall 4.

*Projected range of IM L6 saloon is based on WLTP around 800 km+(Solid State Battery) and 600km+(Lithium-ion Battery).

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