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European press excited about new MG5 Electric

With the new MG5 Electric, the brand hasn’t just introduced its fourth model to the line-up, but also the world’s first all-electric station wagon. The MG5 Electric has a unique proposition in Europe and already attracted a lot of interest among European car buyers. Therefore, the automotive press is also curious about the newest member of the MG family. Find out what several European motoring journalists think after their first look and test drive with the new MG5 Electric.

Caradisiac (FR)

“Comfortable, spacious and safe – the MG5 Electric is a very honest car. The main asset, however, is the price-value ratio. It costs about the same as a Renault Zoe with almost identical engine performance and range. However, the MG5 Electric offers many family benefits that the small Renault is nowhere near able to offer.”

Automobile Propre (FR)

“One of the biggest surprises of the MG5 Electric is its modest energy consumption. During our test, we achieved an average of only 16.8 kWh/100 km. With this, you can drive about 350 km without having to recharge. With a preserved driving style, you can even reach 380 km. All in all, this station wagon offers a very good performance-consumption ratio.”

Turbo (FR)

“The MG5 Electric meets all the requirements of a pragmatic family car. It is affordable, well equipped, comfortable and offers sufficient range for versatile use. It’s the only all-electric station wagon on the market and living proof of the significant progress made by the Chinese manufacturer.”

Stern (DE)

“Like the MG Marvel R Electric SUV, the MG5 Electric is unusually light for an electric car. At 1,562 kg, it weighs just 200 kg more than many comparable models with a combustion engine. Meanwhile, the noise level is pleasantly low and the chassis is decidedly comfortable.”

Motorzeitung (DE)

“The interior of the MG5 Electric is not characterized by any lagging. The used materials are better than most models in this price segment have to offer. In addition, the clearly structured and responsive touchscreen of the infotainment system is well received.”

Elektroautomobil (DE)

“Tired of the ever-growing number of (electric) SUVs? Then the new MG5 Electric might be something for you. The Chinese demonstrates for the first time how to build an affordable, all-electric station wagon. And it’s one that immediately feels impressively comfortable.”

IlSole24Ore (IT)

“The MG5 Electric offers everything you would expect from a C-segment station wagon in terms of usability and functionality: a spacious interior to comfortably accommodate the whole family, with 27 storage compartments spread over the cab. At the same time, it is extremely comfortable and functional with its generous boot space of at least 479 litres.”

HD Motori (IT)

“The MG5 exhibits a dynamic aesthetic. Particularly striking is the face with LED headlights, with several chrome plates starting right at the headlight and concentrated towards the centre of the grille. The hood also looks powerful with its stripes that make it muscular. The same aesthetic details can be found on the rest of the body, to emphasize the dynamic character of the car.”

Formulapassion (IT)

“The new MG5 Electric is the perfect answer to the growing demand for cars for the whole family, all-electric and accessible to the general public. A modern car with very advanced safety features and an ultra-fast charging option.”


“The space in the back seat is fine. In most cases, the MG5 Electric is also wide enough for, for example, three children in two car seats and a booster seat in the back. In addition, the luggage compartment seems spacious enough to accommodate a pram without any problems. So, in practical terms, it’s definitely a car that does what it’s supposed to do.”

Bil Magasinet (DK)

“Until recently, if you were looking for a station wagon with all-electric drive train, there was little choice. In fact, you only had the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo, with a hefty price tag. But now MG has come up with a MUCH cheaper alternative: the new MG5 Electric, and the first impressions are amazing!”

Autovisie (NL)

“Like many other things, there is nothing to complain about the chassis. It’s very clear that MG has contracted some employees with a lot of expertise to finetune the chassis and handling of the MG5 Electric.”

AutoRAI (NL)

“In terms of driving, the MG5 Electric acts very neutrally, with a little emphasis on comfort. The steering is quite light and numb, but the chassis is well balanced. The pleasant and confidence-inspiring driving behaviour and its unique practicality are great advantages of the MG5 Electric.”

Motorblock (AT)

“When it comes to equipment, MG, as usual, adheres to the KISS principle – ‘keep it simple, stupid’. The electric station wagon is available in four colours, two trim levels and two battery variants. Even the cheapest version offers a very extended standard equipment. In addition, its price tag is more than reasonable for a 4.6 meter electric station wagon.”

Autofilou (AT)

“As the first electric station wagon on the market, the MG5 Electric has everything it needs to become a huge success, especially because of its price and the current fuel prices. In addition, MG offers a seven-year warranty, while the most important feature is present on all rows: space!”

Auto Bild (AT)

“Despite the abundance of electric car news, one category has so far gone unnoticed: station wagons. MG is changing this! Despite the segment’s popularity, no one has released an electric version. So, a perfect niche for MG to enter and to achieve unparalleled success before major players such as Opel and Peugeot enter the fray.”

Autonieuws (BE)

“The dashboard of the MG5 Electric would not look out of place in a German high-class car and seems to be inspired by the latest creations from Audi. There is also little to be said about the seating position and ergonomics. The digital cockpit is easy to read and the central screen is clearly structured.”

AutoGids (BE)

“The MG5 Electric does not limit its qualities to its attractive price: it also offers a high-quality build and is well equipped. In addition, it offers enough space for a family and the car drives pleasantly and comfortably. In short, a generally successful station wagon and a unique offer that is interesting for those who do not want an SUV.”

Teknikens Varld (SE)

“The MG5 Electric has the potential to become what the Tesla Model 3 couldn’t quite live up to: an electric car at a reasonable price for everyone. Something that MG also achieved last year with the MG ZS EV. So much so that the lines in front of the shops literally curled.”

Elbilen (SE)

“With the MG5 Electric, you get a solid car that is well built and feels well thought out. It also feels like MG have taken the stances of the previous generation MG ZS EV and made a step forward in terms of quality. It’s a great car for the money, but you buy it with your mind rather than for fun.”

Autofácil (ES)

“The MG5 Electric is intended to entice motorists looking for a practical electric car. The brand does this with a beautiful design, remarkable technology and a very interesting price-product ratio. In addition, the model stands out from all other alternatives on the market thanks to its station wagon body and spacious interior.”

Elbil24 (NO)

“Behind the wheel of the MG5 Electric, it is striking how easy everything is. Most things are intuitive and easy to understand. The same goes for driving. You don’t need to have significant knowledge about electric cars to understand what to do. It is also just a pleasant and very easy to drive car. In addition, the cockpit is neat and intuitive, logically laid out and with a good view around you.”

Bil Norge (NO)

“Important factors for car buyers are that the MG5 Electric can tow a trailer of up to 500 kg and can carry 75 kg on the roof, eliminating the possibility of a ski box and bike rack. In addition, thanks to the 11 kW three-phase AC charger and the DC fast-charging option, the battery can be charged very quickly up to 87 kW.”

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