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New MG Marvel R Electric: available for pre-order, price range from € 40,000 to € 50,000

Amaze your senses. MG is releasing more information about the Marvel R Electric. The all-electric SUV is expected to arrive at the European MG Brand stores this autumn. The model is available for pre-orders, with an expected European price range from € 40,000 to € 50,000 (including VAT). The progressive and luxurious MG Marvel R Electric – available in two configurations (AWD and RWD) and three luxury trims (Comfort, Luxury and Performance) – will disrupt the EV segment with its stunning design, outstanding quality and finish, and plenty of advanced technology, including a comprehensive range of MG Pilot driving aids and the new MG iSMART connectivity system with a 19.4” touchscreen. More details and final local pricing of the various trim levels, country by country in Europe, will follow in the run-up to the market launch.

MG’s clear mission is to make electric mobility accessible to drivers who are young at heart and ready to embrace a new electric lifestyle. Offering smart, practical, safe, and technologically advanced cars in different segments for different needs.

The Marvel R Electric is MG’s high-tech new second generation all-electric SUV and its second model in the C-SUV segment, in addition to the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid. The Marvel R Electric, however, is a totally different car than the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid. With a length of 4,674 mm and its wheelbase of 2,804 mm, the Marvel R Electric is perfect for those who value a spacious interior with generous seating.

The MG Marvel R Electric raises the bar even further in terms of design, technology and appeal. What sets the Marvel R Electric apart is that MG’s flagship not only offers all benefits of driving electric, but also combines efficiency with high performance (acceleration 4.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h and high maximum speed of 200 km/h) and a fun to drive ride and handling. The Marvel R Electric is, for instance, equipped with an aluminium suspension subframe and parts which can normally only be found in sports cars. The frame is both stronger and lighter.

MG iSMART connectivity system

The top-of-the-line model is characterized as a desirable ‘lifestyle’ SUV which responds more to the wishes of motorists who place higher demands on appearance, luxury and technology. Apart from its striking and progressive exterior design, the MG Marvel R Electric also offers a digital cockpit with an amazing 19.4” floating touchscreen to control the all-new MG iSMART connectivity system.

The comprehensive MG iSMART system offers an extensive range of (online) functions and connection through a smartphone app, with which various functions can be controlled remotely. In addition to DAB+, Bluetooth, USB connection, Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile devices to the internet and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the system also offers several online features. Such as real-time traffic navigation, parking lot search, MG touchpoint search, weather forecast and streaming audio via Amazon Music. Thanks to voice control, the system can be operated very easily and hands-free. Moreover, with the powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services and over-the-air firmware, the MG iSMART system is always up to date.

With the app, vehicle owners have access to a series of convenient remote functions, such as Find My Vehicle, Status Checking, Vehicle Statistics and Health Scan, Route Planning, Calendar Synchronizing, Charging Management and MG Touchpoint.

MG Pilot

MG lives up to its promise to make comfortable electric driving accessible to the general public. The same goes for safety. The new MG Marvel R Electric takes yet another step forward in terms of safety with an extensive range of MG Pilot systems.

In the MG Marvel R Electric, MG Pilot covers 14 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that warn the driver of potential danger and intervenes if necessary. This includes alerting you to potential collision hazards, and clever systems that help you to maintain traction and stability. New for the MG Marvel R Electric are ELK (emergency lane keeping) and DWS (drowsiness warning system).

AWD and RWD configuration

The MG Marvel R Electric not only exudes power, but also lives up to it with its performance. Customers can choose from two powerful and advanced drivetrains. The Tri-Motor drivetrain offers three electric motors, all-wheel drive, a peak power of 212 kW (288 ps) and a range of 370 kilometres (WLTP). The rear-wheel drive version, with two electric motors on the rear axle, has a maximum power of 132 kW (180 ps) and a WLTP range of 402 kilometres.

Both versions are powered by a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery and offer quick charging capability at a public charging point (AC) due to the 11 kW on-board 3-phase charger. The battery is also suitable for fast-charging (DC) to fill it up to 80% in around 40 minutes. Meanwhile, the climate control with an internal heat pump guarantees impressive efficiency levels at low temperatures.

Another striking feature is the V2L system (vehicle-to-load). This technology allows the lithium-ion battery to supply energy to an external electrical system, for example an air pump, electric scooter, a laptop or even another BEV.


The maximum towing weight of the MG Marvel R Electric is 750 kg. The car is therefore suitable for towing a trailer or caravan, or two e-bikes on a special bicycle carrier.The luggage compartment in the rear offers a volume of 357 litres. With the rear seat folded down, it can be increased to 1,396 litres. The RWD version of the Marvel R Electric also offers 150 litres of extra luggage space under the hood, also knows as a frunk.

Specifications MG Marvel R Electric

Configuration:All-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Max power:212 kW (288 ps) 132 kW (180 ps)
Max torque:665 Nm410 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:4.9 sec7.9 sec
Top speed:200 km/h200 km/h
Battery capacity:70 kWh70 kWh
WLTP range:370 km402 km
On-board charger (AC):11 kW11 kW
DC charging time 5-80%:43 min43 min
Unladen mass:1,920 kg1,810 kg
Towing capacity (unbraked):750 kg750 kg

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