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EV batteries need less raw materials than ICE cars

The battery of an electric car (EV), contains, including recycling, an average of 30 kg of raw materials, while an average petrol car burns an average of 17,000 litres of fuel during its lifespan. That’s according to a new study by Transport & Environment (T&E), which shows that the dependence on crude oil in Europe is much greater than the need for raw materials for EV batteries.

According to the researchers, the difference in the required raw materials will increase further due to the continuous development of battery technology. It is expected that in ten years, we will need half the lithium for the production of EV batteries compared to today. The amount of cobalt needed will drop by more than three quarters and nickel by about one fifth.

T&E also states that by 2035 more than a fifth of all lithium and 65% of cobalt needed could come from recycling if the stricter recycling legislation proposed by the European Commission is passed. Something that cannot be said about the fuels that conventional cars burn.

Less energy consumption

In addition to the fact that electric cars require less raw materials than cars that run on fossil fuels, EVs are generally better for the climate. The study also shows that an EV consumes 58% less energy over its entire life than a comparable petrol car.

According to T&E’s life cycle analysis tool, even in Poland, the country with the most polluting electricity production in Europe, the (indirect) CO2 emissions of an electric car are still 22% less compared to a comparable petrol car.

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