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NewMotion accelerates: European charging network doubled in two years

EV charging solutions provider NewMotion has connected the 200,000th public charge point to its roaming network. This means its European charging network has doubled in two years. According to NewMotion – one of the largest players in this sector – this milestone is mainly due to new partnerships with Ultra Fast Charging Scandinavia, Volkswagen Group Charging in Germany, ÖAMTC Betriebe GmbH in Austria, Enel X Mobility in Italy, Gronn Kontakt in The United Kingdom and several others.

Sales of rechargeable electric vehicles in Europe are growing considerately. With more than a million registrations in 2020, Europe has now surpassed even China in the share of new BEV’s and PHEV’s in total sales.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure is not keeping up with the increasing sales of electric vehicles. In the past three years, European EV sales grew by more than 110%. Ini the same period, the number of public charging points increased by less than 60%.

The lagging infrastructure could lead to a point where the EV sales stalls due to a shortage of charge points. That should never happen. Certainly not as European governments are taking numerous measures to promote electric driving. Also a growing number of car manufacturers announce that they soon will fully concentrate on (PH)EV’s only. Just like MG is doing already in mainland Europe.

Roaming network

We need decisive entrepreneurs and organizations that feel the urgency of a well-covered charging network and pick up the gloves. Such as Allego, EVBox, Fastned, E-Flux, EVWay, ABB, EWE Go, Ionity and many more. Without shorting other providers, we would like to mention NewMotion separately, which recently started using its 200,000th charge point in Europe.

NewMotion makes it as easy as possible for EV drivers in Europe by connecting the services of more than 200 partners. Thanks to this, at least 200,000 charge points of all kinds of EV charging solutions providers in more than 35 European countries are now accessible with the same subscription, app and charging card.

Fast forward

Despite the fact that it’s still too little, NewMotion’s 200,000th charge point shows that the expansion of the European charging network is now being accelerated. The 100,000th charge point was only put into operation in March 2019, ten years after the company was founded.

Let’s hope this development continues at this rate. Given current developments, it’s absolutely necessary to have at least one million public charging points operational in Europe by 2024, and three million by 2029. By way of comparison: by the end of 2020, almost 300,000 public charging points were operational in Europe.

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