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2020 sales: MG impresses in Europe

MG made an impact with its European sales in 2020. As the 100% electric MG ZS EV passed its first full year of sales – The Netherlands (since October 2019), Norway (February 2020), Iceland and Denmark (both only 6 months of sales) – the brand not only realized great sales results, but also reached top 10 positions!

In Norway, the MG ZS EV is the number 8 best-selling car overall and the 7th best-selling electric car with a 4.85% market share in the BEV market (Battery Electric Vehicle).

Striking detail: in 2020, Norway was the first country where electric cars were more popular than cars powered by all other types of fuel combined. More than half of all new cars sold in Norway last year were electric, with the MG ZS EV in high demand. It’s the first truly affordable, family-friendly electric car which also achieved a Five-Star Euro NCAP rating due to its comprehensive safety equipment.

In The Netherlands, the MG ZS EV accounts for 2.90% of the total BEV market. Here too, our advanced electric SUV climbed into the top 10 of best-selling EVs in 2020. In The Netherlands, MG also scores exceptionally high in the private market.

Then we have Denmark and Iceland, where the MG ZS EV claims 2.54% and 2.13% market share respectively in the BEV segment. This also means the model is one of the ten most popular EVs in Denmark, while in Iceland the MG ZS EV is just 11th among the most popular cars with a 100% electric drive train.

2021 outlook

These sales results are quite impressive, as MG to date ‘only’ offers one model. In January 2021, MG will start selling the second model in the range: the new MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid.

The outlook for 2021 bodes well. Not only because MG is rapidly expanding its sales network across Europe, with showrooms opening in new countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Portugal. But also because MG will launch new promising electric vehicles from the second quarter of 2021. Stay tuned!

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