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10 reasons to choose an electric car over a fuel car

Electric driving is on the rise. Several car manufacturers, including MG, are fully committed to this drive technology, either now or in the near future. That’s not without reason. An electric car offers several advantages over a car with a combustion engine. We’ve listed 10 advantages. For example, driving an EV is more eco-friendly and it saves you money. According to MG, electric mobility must be available for European motorist that are young at heart and ready to embark on a new electric lifestyle.

1 – Zero emission

The main reason electric cars are being developed is that they don’t produce any emissions whilst driving. An electric car is powered by an electric motor, which is powered by a battery. No fuel is burned. An electric car doesn’t even have an exhaust. It’s the ideal solution for road transport in times when global CO2 emissions and air pollution need to be reduced dramatically.

2 – Unlimited access to city centres

More and more cities in Europe have low-emission zones (LEZ). These are areas with various restrictions for the use of polluting vehicles. In other words, if a car doesn’t meet the restrictions, you are simply not allowed to enter the LEZ. Cities and governments have adopted LEZs to reduce air pollution in order to meet EU air quality standards. In addition to the fact that more and more cities are introducing LEZs, these areas are also becoming larger and stricter over time. With an electric car, you have unlimited access to low-emission zones, wherever and whenever, now and in the future.

3 – Electricity is cheaper than fuel

Despite the fact that fuel prices and electricity costs per kWh in European countries can vary considerably, we can say one thing with certainty. Electricity is cheaper than petrol and diesel. In this respect, you can save money with an electric car compared to a car with a combustion engine. Charging at home is usually the cheapest option.

Note: It is wise to first check which payment method is used if you want to charge at a public charging point. You usually pay a rate per kWh. However, there are some charging stations in Europe where you pay a rate per minute, especially in busy, popular tourist areas. It will cost you considerably more to charge the battery if you pay by the minute, which can cause unpleasant surprises on your bill.

4 – Silent and comfortable

In contrast to a combustion engine, an electric motor hardly makes any noise. The silence on board an electric car is therefore unmistakable. Moreover, an electric motor does not produce any vibrations and resonance, as is usually the case with a combustion engine. The silent and vibration-free drivetrain provides extra comfort.

5 – You don’t need to change gears

Another significant difference between a car with a combustion engine is that an electric car doesn’t have a conventional gearbox. An electric car always functions like a car with an automatic gearbox, in which you do not have to shift gears. And you don’t pay extra for that either. Along with the quietness of an electric motor, driving in busy start-stop traffic in the city or in a traffic jam has never been more pleasant.

6 – Instant torque

A clear characteristic of an electric motor is the remarkably high torque. Much higher than an average combustion engine. In addition, an electric motor reacts instantly to the movements of the throttle and delivers its peak torque right from a standstill. An internal combustion engine has a certain unavoidable response time and delivers its maximum torque only in a certain speed range. All this ensures appealing performance due to the smooth and powerful acceleration and thus ensures a lot of driving pleasure.

7 – Very efficient

The most efficient combustion engines at the moment have an efficiency of approximately 40%. That means they only convert 40% of the fuel energy into motion. The remaining 60% is lost in heat and friction. In other words, for every € 100 you spend on fuel, you actually only burn € 60 to actually move forward.

An electric motor achieves an efficiency of approximately 90% and therefore uses the available energy in the battery considerably more efficient. Moreover, an electric car can easily recover kinetic energy because an electric motor can be converted into a generator in the blink of an eye.

8 – Less maintenance

The technology of an electric drivetrain is much simpler than that of a combustion engine. It contains much fewer (rotating) parts and less fluids, because only few parts need to be lubricated. So you can already feel it coming: an electric car requires less maintenance.

At MG, we don’t sell cars with combustion engines only, so we cannot compare 1 on 1. But according to a large-scale study by Consumer Reports in the United States, it appears that electric car owners can save up to 50% on their maintenance costs compared to a similar car with a combustion engine.

9 – Use your own electricity

It’s obviously impossible to have your own oil refinery in your backyard to make your own fuel for your car. But it’s not surprising at all to generate your own electricity. For example, from your own solar panels on the roof of your house or office building. When using this renewable energy to charge your battery of you can reduce your kilometre cost even further.

10 – Incentives and tax cuts

And last but not least. Because governments across Europe want to accelerate the transition to electric mobility, there are all kinds of financial benefits to be gained.

Purchase incentives or grants, tax cuts and exemption from parking costs in city centres for example. Or free access to bus lanes and carpool lanes, financial benefits for entrepreneurs, and so on. These measures also make an electric car very attractive and can save you a lot of money. Find out which benefits apply in your own country when purchasing an electric car.

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