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New sales record MG in March 2022

  • March 2022 monthly sales record high of the car brand in Europe
  • 2022 best quarter with 22,135  MG’s sold in Europe
MG achieved a new sales record in March 2022. The brand sold 12,378 vehicles in Europe. The best sales ever achieved in one month.  This result is a 142% increase compared to last year March, when MG sold 5.109 units.  In the first quarter of 2022, MG sold 22,135 units in Europe. This is also a significant gain whilst MG sold 8,580 units in Q1 in 2021.

Xinyu Liu, MG Motor Europe’s new CEO is very proud that we were able to deliver so many vehicles to our customers in Europe.  “MG is on the right track despite the challenges posed by the on-going shortage of computer chips and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a great sales result for the car brand that has been relaunched in mainland Europe only 2.5 years ago. I’m happy that the European customers appreciate our products. We expect to grow furthermore with new, exciting products. This month a new model enters the MG brand stores: the all new MG5 Electric, the world’s first electric station wagon.

Tripling sales

MG followed up on its strong start in Europe with sales tripling in 2021. MG Motor Europe sold last year 21,946 vehicles in mainland Europe, compared to 7,200 units in 2020. The brand’s success is due to the fact that MG presents itself as a challenger and smart choice in terms of price, equipment and technology, without compromising on quality and safety. MG is now available in sixteen European countries. This year the brand will also expand its business to East- and Central Europe.

Xinyu Liu: “Since we have been active in Europe, we have shown to be of proven value. MG is here to stay. But our commitment obviously goes further. Sales growth is great, but MG also wants to be more visible as our brand awareness continues to increase. Together with our partners in Europe we want to grow furthermore and be that attractive challenger that carefully listens to what our customers need.”

Photo caption: MG achieved a new sales record in Europe.

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