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VIDEO: MG driving home for Christmas

Lots of you couldn’t visit us in December, so we decided to flip things around and visit you instead. We sent a giant MG Christmas truck on a tour through Europe with a huge image of the new MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid on the side. It’s fair to say it was pretty hard to miss! 

MG is a new smart car brand for everyone Young at Heart and willing to make a change. MG is convinced that New Energy Mobility is the future and that everyone will drive electric cars soon. For who’s already persuaded, MG offers the 100% electric MG ZS EV. For those who aren’t ready yet to drive purely electric and want to benefit from the advantages of a good old petrol engine and the efficiency of an electric drive train, we have the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid.

At MG, we are committed to making new energy mobility accessible to motorists across Europe. Not just for the lucky few, or the early adopters, but for everyone who is young at heart, ready to make a change and to embark on a new electric lifestyle. We say: the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid is For You and we also come To You. Literally.

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