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The power behind MG’s battery technology

The MG ZS EV and MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid benefit from highly advanced battery technology with an impressive level of safety and durability. That’s because MG’s parent company – SAIC Motor – is one of the most experienced EV manufacturers in the world, which also partners with China’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer CATL.

SAIC Motor produces and develops (plug-in hybrid) electric vehicles since the beginning of the new decade and can therefore be regarded as one of the most experienced car manufacturers of battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

At the same time, SAIC Motor works closely with CATL, the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in China and one of the five largest in the world. SAIC Motor and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) have formed a joint venture since 2017.

SAIC Motor and CATL share similar development concepts, primarily to regard innovation as orientation. This cooperative effort will create new highlights and utilize the attributes of each company to achieve better battery production, safety and durability for electric vehicles.

Due to the extensive research and development of battery technology from SAIC Motor and CATL, MG benefits from one of the best battery technologies on the market. An important feature is the excellent temperature management. A lithium-ion battery performs best at temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. In addition to an optimal range, good temperature management of the battery also ensures durability.

“L0 level”

The battery safety technology of the MG ZS EV and MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid has also reached the so-called “L0 level”. This means that if thermal runaway occurs, it will not spread out from the battery pack. The worst situation is that the entire battery pack will emit smoke, but it will not catch fire at all.

Another proof of leading battery technology comes from a Roewe E550, a plug-in hybrid from the sister brand of MG under SAIC Motor Group, and the first electrified model launched by SAIC Motor eight years ago.

Recently, an existing model with over 575,000 kilometres was found. Engineers of SAIC Motor took it to the workshop and fully examined all drive components. In addition, the battery was sent to the battery laboratory of the Tsinghua University to measure the actual battery performance.

The University proved that the battery, eight years and 575,000 kilometres after it left the factory, still offers 85% of its original capacity. As a battery in a plug-in hybrid, it’s always charging and discharging in the different working conditions. Because its capacity is smaller compared to a battery in a fully electric vehicle, the charging and discharging current is also larger. The deterioration result is convincing enough to prove the excellent battery performance.

With this and the extensive investment in battery knowledge, MG offers a great piece of mind and even better batteries in the near future, combined with smart pricing for motorists who are young at heart and ready to embrace the changes in mobility.

Smart SUV’s

The new MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid is the second model of MG in mainland Europe. The spacious SUV uses pioneering plug-in hybrid technology, the second generation developed by SAIC Motor, that combines low consumption and emission levels with optimal driving pleasure.

The MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid is in a higher segment than the MG ZS EV, which has been clocking up massive successes since the start of sales in October 2019, and, in a number of European countries, is currently among the best-selling EVs.

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